Meet Our Directors 

Mr. Steven Nemes

Mr. Steven Nemes OAM is a commercial lawyer and founding Director of the Foundation. He is an Accredited Business Law Specialist and Accredited Mediator in the Sydney based firm Harris Freidman Lawyers.

Prof. Geoffrey Symonds 

Professor Geoffrey Symonds is a Senior Research Director at Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, with extensive experience in preparing products for clinical trials. 

Dr. John Gallo

Doctor John Gallo is a specialist physician with a life time of experience in treating patients with hematological disorders, both in the public and private arena. He is based at the Sydney Adventist Hospital. He also works for Relationships Australia.

Prof. Bernie Tuch 

Professor Bernie Tuch is a practicing endocrinologist and a diabetes researcher in cell therapies. He is a founding Director of the Foundation, and separately of the NSW Stem Cell Network. He is also a non-executive director and Acting Chairman of Living Cell Technologies Ltd, a company implementing a cell therapy for Parkinson's disease. 

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